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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers : Shell Tube Heat Exchanger, Tube Shell Heat Exchanger, Shell Heat Exchanger
  1. Header
  2. Fixed tube plate
  3. Shell
  4. Baffle
  5. Tube
  6. O-ring seal
  7. Floating tube plate
  8. Header
  9. Drain socket

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The STH consists of a tube bundle inserted into a shell pipe. One media flows inside the tubes whilst the other flows outside the tubes (inside shell). Both media cross one another and exchange heat at a given temperature difference without mixing. The cooling media is usually water.

Typical applications for the STH are lubrication oil coolers for rock crushers, gearboxes and bearings, hydraulic power packs, air compressor/blower after & inter coolers, condensers & evaporators and gold elution.To ensure optimal flow conditions up to 4 passes on the tube side are standard. The number of baffles on the shell side is varying and dependant on volume flow. Cross-counter flow must be used in multi-pass and pure counter flow is always employed in single-pass applications.

All water headers are sandblasted and epoxy coated for additional corrosion protection.On request an additional zinc anode can be inserted into the headers.Floating and fixed tube bundle arrangements are all standard.To further improve heat transfer the thinnest possible tube walling is employed and “dead areas” avoided to the fullest extent possible.

The STH have merits that are often crucial, such as very low-pressure loss on the primary side and the ability to operate at high temperatures and pressures. Easy inspection and cleaning is possible during maintenance due to its construction.For high temperature applications up to 600°C a special design is offered whereby each tube is individually sealed with heat resistant seals.This allows for high temperature differences between any two media in the STH and small overall sizing resulting in compact design.

Frigotherm uses custom built design, selection and costing software also suitable for special media and materials to convert clients’ specifications into optimal quotations.

OCC100-300 Series STH

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers : Shell Tube Heat Exchanger

A series of standardised shell & tubes with effective surface areas between 1 and 35 m2 and shell sizes between 80 and 300NB are available.

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Materials of tubes:

  • copper
  • commercial quality carbon steel
  • stainless steel G316 and G304
  • copper nickel alloy 90/10
  • copper nickel alloy 70/30
  • titanium

Flow Media:

  • oil/water
  • water/water
  • gas/liquid

Limiting condition of operation:

  • max pressure 20 bar shell and tube
  • max temperature 180°C
  • max oil flow 35-1100L/min
  • heat duty 3-500kW


  • face gaskets: CAF, Nitril Cork
  • O-Rings: PTFE, Viton, NBR

As an alternative to plain tubing we can offer finned tubing on the shell side. This is useful when low heat transfer takes place on the finned area and high heat transfers on the tube inside – i.e. high viscosity oils or gases on the fin outside and water on the inside.

Double seals with a leak indication hole are available - useful in applications where cross-contamination due to O-ring damage is unacceptable and must be avoided.

Port connections can be supplied to client requirements. Standard connections include threaded BSP sockets and flanged connections for higher pressure and volume flows.

The OCC series can be installed horizontally or vertically. It is secured with pre-mounted brackets bolted onto the shell flange and can be rotated at various angles.