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Power Generation

Citing just one example within this complex industry, FRIGOTHERM heat exchangers recuperate otherwise lost energy that is, for example, used to pre-heat feed water in steam boilers, thereby saving cost and the environment.
Our vast engineering expertise, friendly service, competitive costing and project management skills are major deciding criteria that make us a preferred supplier of choice. We understand the requirements of the industry, offer valuable advice and partner with our customers from initial design visualisation right through to commissioning and the final project stages. In fact, our products are designed around our customers’ individual requirements and inspired by their ideas and feedback. We also offer welded plate and frame heat exchangers that have the same advantages as gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers, such as low space requirements, high efficiency and competitive costing. Furthermore, when compared to traditional gasketed plate heat exchangers, the temperature and pressure limitation is exceeded by a factor of two, also making them ideal for boiler feed water economisers from flue gases. In today’s world of ever increasing fuel prices it has become imperative to recover waste heat. FRIGOTHERM heat exchangers recuperate otherwise lost energy that is, for example, used to pre-heat feed water in steam boilers. We help to reduce carbon emissions and fuel requirements by up to 50 %, saving cost and the environment. With high heat transfer coefficients achievable in our range of plate heat exchangers and very low approach temperatures (as low as 1 deg C) it is now possible to recover heat in processes that were previously economically unviable.

Transformer cooling

Safety and reliability are paramount to transformer oil cooling. FRIGOTHERM offers a standard range of shell and tube heat exchangers with double tubes, namely the SWF series and plate types, and the FPDW series with laser welded double plate configuration, all of which entirely eliminate the possibility of catastrophic cross leakages. Additionally, our units can be fitted with early warning leak indication sensors, alerting the operator to a potential fault. Our regular range of standard shell and tubes heat exchangers, the OCC series, is fitted with optional double seals and copper nickel tubing to ensure long equipment life. Engine cooling Two thirds of the fuel energy consumed by internal combustion engines is output as heat. Our heat exchangers put this waste heat to good use. With generator plants sometimes rated at thousands of kW’s, the savings are tremendous. Every bit of heat is utilised with our range of custom-built plate and frame as well as shell and tube heat exchangers. Rapid amortisation of our equipment is guaranteed due to the high thermal efficiency resulting in cost effective and compact sizing of our heat exchange equipment. Heat recovery from biofuels ​We custom-build and design heat exchange devices to harvest that last bit of energy, following the combustion of biofuels in turbines or internal combustion engines. Steam boilers (evaporators) ​Steam boilers are an essential component of FRIGOTHERM’s product line and have been deployed many times over in different variants to suit customers’ requirements. We specialise in high and low pressure steam generators. Advanced production facilities allow us to build the most demanding equipment at competitive pricing without compromising quality. Our pressure vessels are strictly designed and manufactured in accordance with major codes, specifically ASME Viii Div. 1, U- stamped. Thermodynamic calculations are in accordance with the German VDI and individual cases are modelled on a computer. On request other calculations such as nozzle loads and vibration analysis are performed by in-house professional engineers.  A dedicated document control department records and manages the complete project lifecycle. We have a stringent quality control system in place, ensuring every single unit is supplied precisely as specified on time. Solar water heating ​The highly effective copper or nickel brazed plate heat exchangers are ideal for solar water heating and micro cooling or heating applications. The GPL series cover low to medium viscosity media, whereas the TPL series is appropriate for high viscosity media. Our brazed units are extremely compact in size and cost competitive. Fast turnaround is possible due to large stockholding of various sizes. An all-stainless, welded and sealed unit, the GPLB series, is available for media not compatible with copper or nickel. Economisers Hot flue gases from chimney stacks or exhaust gas streams from turbines contain a lot of useful energy which is harvested through FRIGOTHERM’s shell and tube and welded plate and frame heat exchangers. Due to the high temperatures of the flue gas, specialised refractory metals with high corrosion resistance are the preferred materials of construction. In steam boilers the efficiency of the total system with economisers can reach levels of more than 95 %. Robust and low stress design of our equipment means long lifespan and very reliable operations. Steam condensers Both liquid-cooled and air-cooled steam condensers are available for water recovery from steam expansion in turbines.
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