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Materials Handling

Our experience includes the drying of moist air, and the drying and conveying of bulk materials (pneumatic conveying).

Separation and filtration

​​By means of example, FRIGOTHERM was contracted to assist in the recovery of hydrocarbons that accidentally leaked into the environment. Time was of essence since the pollutants would otherwise reach the ground water level with disastrous consequences. ​The solution was to heat the contaminated soil, causing the pollutants to separate by means of evaporation; the hydrocarbon vapor was then finally condensed and safely recovered. FRIGOTHERM’s shell and tube evaporators and condensers are equipped with enhanced finned tubing that significantly reduces overall size, mass, hold up volume and cost. Many years of experience in the industry, together with a large network of suppliers both locally and globally enabled us to quickly respond to the problem with a cost effective solution. Upon completion of the project the environment was reclaimed safe and unharmed.

Drying of moist air

We supply chilled water coolers which cool air down to and below dew point; the resulting moisture separation is then completed in a cyclonic separator, knock out pot or demister. If the process stream requires heating, our range of customised electrical air heaters is capable of heating air up to 450 deg C.

Drying and conveying of bulk materials (pneumatic conveying)

Our range of electrical air heaters is an essential component in pneumatic conveying systems whereby the product stream is dried and conveyed simultaneously. Heater temperatures of up to 450 deg C and many thousands of kWs are custom-built to exacting specifications while precise temperature control is achieved via PID loop and solid state relays. In cases where steam is available FRIGOTHERM designs and custom builds evaporation coils to heat up air in the drying process.
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