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Our highly efficient plate and frame heat exchangers, both bolted and brazed, service this industry particularly well.
We offer custom-built condenser shell and tube heat exchangers for refrigerants using enhanced finned tubes for the most demanding applications, thus ensuring compact and cost effective build.  Our range of welded plate cassettes, the FPG series, guarantees very high lifespan without the common leakage problems encountered with the gasketed types. Computer selection by our qualified design engineers provide fast, accurate and optimum design fit for any application. The key benefits of our heat exchangers are high heat transfer coefficients, thus realising cost efficiencies, low fouling, low maintenance, outstanding after sales service, compact size and weight, and the highest demands on quality. Heat pumps Our cost efficient compact brazed plate heat exchangers, the GPL series, reliably function as evaporators or condensers in heat pumps. An all-stainless, welded and sealed unit, the GPLB series, is available for media not compatible with copper or nickel. Buffer tanks During off-peak time chiller capacity can be stored by cooling water. During high demand periods the stored thermal energy can be utilised again to relieve the energy grid. FRIGOTHERM’s FP series high efficiency plate heat exchangers isolate the buffer water from the load to prevent contamination of the refrigeration system. Pre-coolers Often the load to the refrigeration system can be cooled to ambient conditions before sub-cooling. FRIGOTHERM manufactures both air-blast and liquid-cooled heat exchangers that considerably reduce the overall refrigeration load, saving cost by substantially reducing energy requirements. Condenser heat recovery In large HVAC systems, the condenser water can be used to pre-heat other process streams. This free heat can be easily harnessed through the use of FRIGOTHERM’s plate and frame or shell and tube heat exchangers. Space heating or cooling Our range of finned tube coils serve as space heaters or coolers in large factories or warehouses. Cooling or heating media are thermal oil, steam and chilled water. Isolation circuits Tall buildings can considerably raise the HVAC system pressure on the load. By installing a FRIGOTHERM plate and frame or shell and tube heat exchanger the pressure from the static head can be eliminated. This allows the use of low pressure plumbing consumables, thereby substantially reducing cost. Dirty condenser water from rivers, dams, lakes or the ocean quickly foul or corrode the refrigeration system. FRIGOTHERM’s plate and frame or shell and tube heat exchangers serve as an intermediary that protects the system and simplifies maintenance. Similarly, in very dusty or polluted environments open cooling towers allow contamination of the refrigeration system; here too our plate and frame or shell and tube heat exchangers protect the cost sensitive refrigeration system.
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