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Electrical Air / Oil Heaters

Oil and Air Heaters for mechanical and plant engineering
Optimising machine-tool efficiency with FRIGOTHERM’s electrical heaters Using electrical heaters is of high importance to ensure ideal machine-tool efficiency, to minimise energy consumption, wear protection and cold start-ups in hydraulic power packs.  FRIGOTHERM offers a highly developed modular programme with 11 sizes for the typical requirements of mechanical and plant engineering with a heating power of 3 to 100 kW. Applications - Electrical oil heaters and air heaters are ideally suited for the heating of oil, heat transfer oils, emulsions and processed air by electrical energy, especially for lubrication, hydraulic power packs, pneumatic drying and bulk conveying which require a pre-set oil or air temperature. Function - The medium to be heated flows aroud a bundle of u-shaped heating elements.  The correct baffle setting guarantees an optimal flow velocity, even at the allowed minimum flowrate.  The standard heat transfer per unit surface area is approximately 2 W/cm squared.  The surface temperture of the heating elements for hydraulic oil heating is only 110 °C at minimum flowrate and at an oil temperature of 60 °C.  Thus the temperature remains below the flame point of oil.  The temperature limiter installed cuts out at 80 °C. The various oil heater types - Special design - High tempeature unit up to 200 °C. Any non-standard voltages available. Advantages - Standard type series of 3 - 100 kW. Optional: high temperature version for thermal oil heating. From 27 kW power the temperature can be pre-set in 3 steps. Higher heating capacities are purpose-built to order. The advantages of oil pre-heating The viscosity of oils and flame resistant liquids increases highly at low temperatures.  This can cause very high pressure losses within tubes, filters and cooling systems.  Cold starts of systems - especially when oil / air cooling units are set up outside - or a much too high start-up pressure can cause heavy losses on pumps, filters, heat exchangers and other parts.  If the oil in the tank has already reached a selected temperature by adequate pre-heating, the start-up of systems and machines will be considerably eased.  Since nowadays hydraulic systems usually are operated by bypass flow cooling and filtering, an oil pre-heater can easily be integrated in such a loop. Required data for the best electrical air / oil heater design ​​State-of-the-art computer selection software is used, enabling the team to supply customers with the optimal model size.  The data required to make the optimal model size selection can be found in the GET A QUOTE section - simply click on ELECTRICAL AIR / OIL HEATERS, complete the form electronically and submit it to the FRIGOTHERM team. If you still require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will be pleased to assist you. Summary Overview
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MATERIALS   Standard Designs   Shells - Steel 304SS, 316SS, 304LSS,     316LSS up to 42-inch diametre   Bonnets / Channels - Steel, 304SS, 3136SS, 304LSS, 316LSS, Cast Iron, Cast Bronze,   Ductile Iron   Tubesheets - Aluminium Bronze, 90/10 CuNi, Muntz, RNB, 304SS, 316SS, 304LSS,    316LSS Steel   Tubes - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Titanium and other Alloys, Bare and Lo-Fin Tubing   CAPABILITIES Tube expansion Seal and strength welding of  tubes to tubesheet Expansion joints (flanged and  flued head as well as bellows  type) Die pen and Helium leak testing Heat transfer test laboratory Radiographic, ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing (sub- contracted)
DESIGN CAPABILITIES   Custom Designs   Materials - Stainless steel(s) (including 300, 400  and 900 series), Titanium, 90/10 CuNi, 70/30 CuNi, Incoloy, Inconel, 254SMO (Note: Weld qualifications may have to be developed)   Diametre -  Up to 22 inches for standard designs Custom designs up to 42 inches   Length - Up to 30 feet for standard steel designs and 21 feet for standard stainless steel designs Custom designs up to 40 feet   Temperature - From -20 °F (-29 °C) up to 655 °F (343 °C) with standard designs Custom designs from -300 °F         (-184 °C) up to 1000°F (538 °C)   Weight - 10 tons maximum   SPECIFICATIONS ASME Section VIII Division 1 TEMA Classes “B”, “C” and “R” API The Pressure Equipment    Directive (97/23/EC) SANS 347
 MODELS OF EFFICIENCY   Customised Shell and Tubes,   OCC and Univex Series Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Bolted Plate Heat Exchangers FOT Series Air Blast Oil Coolers Air Heaters, Steam Boilers
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