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Customised Heat Exchangers

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Customised Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger, Shell Tube Heat Exchanger

In many processes such as drying, conveying or heating hot air is required. Frigotherm offers custom built solutions for hot air requirements. The construction is similar to a shell and tube design.
A number of electrical heating elements, hairpin shaped, are arranged inside a circular shell.

The initially cold air is forced thru the shell in a tortuous path for optimal heat transfer from the electric element to the process air.
The heating elements are attached to a circular plate and terminatedElectrically through the use of bus bars which group sets of elements together.

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Other specializations:

  • Air or water cooled motor coolers for large electric motors exceeding 100kW.
  • Steam – air radiator coils for heating purposes
  • Blower after coolers, bolted construction
  • Air and water cooled transformer oil coolers
  • Refrigerated oil coolers
  • Refrigerated air cooling and drying suitable for large volumes with low pressure losses.
  • Condensers and evaporator for steam and ammonia
  • Evaporative condensers for large scale refrigeration plants
  • Customised oil cooling units
  • Repairs to any heat exchanger

Frigotherm manufactures to codes ASME and TEMA. Thermal design is in accordance to VDI Germany. Third party inspection available for all pressure vessels. Pressure test, quality certification and detailed operating manuals are offered on request.