The Chemical Industry

Our solutions include the cooling of exothermic reactors, the heating of waste water and reactants in chemical processes, heat recovery and the batch cooling or heating of storage and makeup tanks.

Cooling exothermic reactors

Many chemical processes release heat and cause the temperature of the immediate surroundings to rise. FRIGOTHERM heat exchangers are used to reliably maintain equilibrium. In critical processes our range of safety type (double tube / plate) shell and tube and plate and frame heat exchangers have proven to be very effective, affording a very high level of reliability and safety. Conformance to codes ASME and DIN ensure safety and peace of mind and with flexibility in design we guarantee total customer satisfaction.

Heating waste water

Our heat exchangers have delivered many years of service in digesters where the effluent water is heated by steam or hot water. FRIGOTHERM heat exchangers maintain a very steady temperature that is optimum for bacterial growth, resulting in the fast breakdown of pollutants. Isolation circuits In order to afford an even higher measure of reliability and safety our shell and tube and plate and frame heat exchangers ensure optimum heat transfer. Heating of reactants in chemical processes Common heating media involve steam, oil, hot water or secondary chemical streams. Shell and tube heat exchangers are often criticised in the industry for lack of efficient maintenance; not so with FRIGOTHERM’s range of heat exchangers. Very often we customise to the end user’s requirements, yielding optimum results in performance and maintainability. Our equipment is designed with high turbulence to avoid fluid stagnation, which is a major cause of fouling. Batch cooling or heating of storage and makeup tanks The process stream is not always continuous and is rather cyclical in nature. Our design engineers have proprietary design calculation software at their disposal yielding optimum solutions, ensuring that our heat exchangers are never over or under designed. FRIGOTHERM’s range of brazed plate and frame heat exchangers is very suitable for this type of application and further enhance cost effectiveness. Heat recovery In today’s world of ever increasing fuel prices it has become imperative to recover waste heat. FRIGOTHERM heat exchangers recuperate otherwise lost energy which is, for example, used to pre-heat feed water in steam boilers. We help to reduce carbon emissions and fuel requirements by up to 50 %, saving cost and the environment. With high heat transfer coefficients achievable in our range of plate heat exchangers and very low approach temperatures (as low as 1 deg C) it is now possible to recover heat in processes that were previously economically unviable. Solvent condensers Our plate and frame and shell and tube heat exchangers are widely used in the recovery of spent solvents such as xylene, methanol, toluene and other volatile organic compounds used in various chemical reactions. Our experienced design engineers have access to a large database of materials available for thermal and compatibility analysis.
Acetic Acid Solutions  Acetic Acid Acetic Anhydride Mixtures Acetic Acid and Vinyl Acetate Mixtures Acrylonitrile Alcohol Solutions Amine Solutions Amino Acids Ammonia Solutions Ammonical Brine Ammonium Bromide Solutions Ammonium Carbonate Solutions Ammonium Nitrate Ammonium Phosphate Ammonium Sulfate Solutions Antibiotic Liquors Boric Acid Liquor Butadiene Latex Emulsions Butyl Alcohol Solutions Butyraldehyde Calcium Bisulfite Calcium Chloride Brine Calcium Lactate Caprolactam Carbon Disulfide Caustic Soda Solutions Cellulose Acetate Chlorinated Brine Chlorine Solutions Citric Acid Solutions Crotonaldehyde Dimethylamine Dimethyl Formamide Effluents from Ammonia Stills, Cellulose Bleacheries and Glue Making Plants Enzyme Solutions Ethyl Alcohol Ethylene Glycol Ethyl-Hexyl Alcohol Fatty Acids Formaldehyde Solutions Formalin  
Glycerine Solutions Gum Arabic Hexamine Hydrochloric Acid Solutions (max 50 %) Hydrolyzed Protein Liquor Hydroxylamine Sulfate Isopropyl Alcohol Lacquer Lactic Acid Latex (Synthetic or Rubber) Lead Fluoroborate Lecithin Lignin Magnesium Hydroxide Maleic Anhydride Methyl Acetate Methyl Alcohol Solutions Methyl Methacrylate MEA Solutions Milk of Lime Monochloracetic Acid Monoethanolamine Solutions Monosodium Glutamate Solutions N-Methyl Pyrrolidone Nickel Sulfate Nitrate Acids Oleic Acid Oxalic Acid Paraffin Emulsion Paraffin Wax Paraquat Pectin Pentaerythritol Phenolic Adhesive Phosphoric Acid Solutions (max 50 %) Plasticizers Polyester Resin Polyvinyl Acetate Solutions (PVA) Potassium Carbonate Lye Potassium Chloride Solutions Propionic Acid Propylene Glycol
Resin Liquid Rubber Latex Saccharified Solutions Sodium Alkyl Glycerol Sulfonate Sodium Aluminate Solutions Sodium Carbonate Sodium Chloride Solutions Sodium Cresylate Sodium Cyanide Liquor Sodium Hydroxide Solutions Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions Sodium Metaborate Solutions Sodium Perborate Solutions Sodium Sulfite Liquor Sodium Thiocyanate Sodium Thiosulfate Sorbitol Solutions Stearic Acid Sulfinol Solutions Sulfonic Acid Sulfite Cooking Acid Sulfite Waste Liquor Sulfuric Acid Sulfurous Acid Trichlorethylene Triethylene Glycol Urea Formaldehyde Urea Formaldehyde Resins Vinyl Acetate Solutions Viscose Water: Deionized, Demineralized, Distilled,  Lake, River and Sea Xylene Yeast Cream Zinc Chloride Zinc Sulfate
. The following is a partial list of substances in the chemical industry which are compatible with FRIGOTHERM’s range of heat exchangers:
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