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Automotive, Steel and Marine

​Our range of heat exchangers provide numerous benefits to the industry, chief among them being short delivery periods, highest demands on quality, competitive pricing, low maintenance and excellent after sales service.
​​ The FOT series air blast oil coolers are standardised and available in a multitude of different configurations to suit any process condition. They are very successfully used in hydraulic power packs, lube oil systems, and the cooling of quenching oils, engine or compressor oils. The highly rigid steel core can withstand extreme pressures, allowing high fault tolerance towards operating anomalies which occur with an aging system. For mobile applications an all-aluminium core with higher thermal efficiency is also available. The OCC series shell and tube heat exchangers are fitted with optional double seals and copper nickel tubing to ensure long equipment life. These air blast coolers were primarily designed for oil cooling but have found wide-spread acceptance for many other applications across a number of industries. ​Our FP series high-efficiency plate and frame heat exchangers have distinct advantages: 1. They realise the highest heat transfer coefficients attainable which is, on average, three times higher than that achieved with shell and tubes heat exchangers. 2. Their turbulent flow design has a self-cleaning effect and lowers fouling - it cleans while it works. 3. Very low approach temperatures are possible (as low as 1 deg C) and allow a very compact footprint (space savings) when compared to shell and tube heat exchangers. 4. They are easily expandable, should the duty point change at a later stage. 5. They offer low hold-up volume and start-up time. 6. They offer fast turnaround times and are supplied highly cost competitively. A wide selection of different types of plate embossing allows optimal heat exchanger design under the most difficult flow conditions, resulting in low pressure drops, yet highly turbulent flow. ​If a CIP (Cleaning In Place) system offered by FRIGOTHERM is installed with any of our heat exchangers, then maintenance is mostly automated, thus offering additional high service life and process reliability. Furthermore, FRIGOTHERM specialises in custom-built heat transfer equipment to suit the most demanding requirements. We take pride in fast turnaround times from initial enquiry right down to the finished product.   Heating or cooling of electrolytes Close temperatures required for electroplating are maintained through the use of high efficiency liquid-cooled systems. Due to the corrosive nature of the electrolyte, the heat exchangers are most suitably supplied in titanium or haste alloys. The heating media can be steam or hot water. Cooling media can be cold water from dams, rivers, lakes, the ocean, cooling towers or chilled water. Cooling welding power plants Liquid-cooled welding machines require constant cooling. A centrally located high efficiency shell and tube or plate and frame heat exchanger from FRIGOTHERM is used to remove waste heat from one or many welders. In the process the waste heat from the primary closed welding circuit is transferred via the heat exchanger to the secondary open circuit of a cooling tower, dam, river, lake or the ocean. Cooling CNC machine parks Bearing oil of high performance spindles and cutting fluids require constant cooling in order to avoid overheating and to maintain running accuracy. Many machines are chained together and centrally cooled with one high efficiency shell and tube or plate and frame heat exchanger.               Marine applications Our range of heat exchange equipment is perfectly adapted to shipboard heating and cooling applications. They have been designed to resist thermal and vibrational stresses as well as biofouling through highly turbulent flow.  Furthermore, since space is limited on-board, small exchanger footprints are achieved by K-factors of up to 6500 W/m2K. Of course titanium is standard in all our marine plate and frame heat exchangers and copper / nickel 90 / 10 is used in the shell and tube heat exchangers. While conformance to codes ASME and DIN ensure safety and peace of mind, our design flexibility guarantees total customer satisfaction. Typical applications serviced by FRIGOTHERM include central fresh water heating or cooling, desalination, isolation circuits for ship engines, deck and cargo heating. Other applications best suited to FRIGOTHERM’s range of heat exchangers: Cooling of quenching oil. Engine jacket glycol / water cooling. Engine exhaust gas heat recovery. Engine lubrication oil cooling. Compressor inter-coolers and after-coolers. Compressor oil cooling. Cooling of rolling mill spray emulsion liquids. Hydraulic oil cooling. Plain and ball bearing lubrication oil cooling. Heating of thermal oils. Oil pre-heater for power packs and lube systems. Process water heating. Gas super heaters. Steam generation. Bunker oil pre-heaters. Liquid ring vacuum pump water cooling. Large electric motor coolers. Instrumentation control panel cooling. Refrigeration condensers and evaporators.
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