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Air Blast Heat Exchangers

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AOL, Air Blast Oil Coolers

  1. Motor duct
  2. Screen guard
  3. Fan motor
  4. Impeller
  5. Oil in let
  6. Radiator core
  7. Plenum chamber

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Air Coolers for Hydraulic Oil with Integrated Circulation Pump

Heat is generated in any hydraulic system due to friction losses in piping and valves and heat losses in motors, pumps and air compression . Effective heat removal is therefore critically important and a determining lifespan factor. Frigotherm oil coolers are a well-proven and economic method of removing heat from oil. Our oil coolers represent the result of many years’ experience and development.

The AOL consists of a finned radiator core within a housing, a fan motor duct and a plenum chamber to ensure even distribution of a forced cooling air draft around the fins. The AOL is well suited for oil cooling applications such as transformer oil, hydraulic circulation oil cooling, lubrication systems and screw compressors where cooling water is not readily available or undesirable.

Advantages of air-cooling:

  • Reduced running costs against water
  • No danger of cross-contamination
  • No secondary coolers required (cooling tower)
  • Very low maintenance and installation cost
  • High lifespan

Design features:

  • Cooler core easily removable for cleaning of fins
  • Impeller/motor arrangement are housed and protected inside a ducting
  • Cooler core all steel welded construction and hot dip galvanised
  • Very high fatigue strength and pressure resistance
  • Metallic bond between tubes and fins assures excellent heat transfer and rigidity of fins
  • High quality standards

In applications for high viscosity oils additional turbulators are inserted internally to ensure optimal heat transfer.

FOT1-22 Series AOL

Air Blast Oil Coolers

A series of standardised fin & tubes with effective face areas of between 0.1 and 1 m2.

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  • Fins: Carbon steel, aluminium
  • Tubes: Carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel
  • Headers: Carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Housing: Carbon steel

Air blowers:

  • DC 12/24V
  • AC 3-phase 220,380,525V
  • Hydraulic motor

Limiting condition of operation:

  • max pressure 16 bar
  • max temperature 200°C
  • max oil flow 550L/min
  • Ambient temperatures –20,40°C
  • Thermal capacity up to 450kW

Flow Media:

  • oil

On request an oil-reservoir, hydraulic circulation pump and bi-metal thermostat can be integrated into the oil cooling unit. Oil port connections are threaded BSP sockets.