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FRIGOTHERM’s After Sales Service


A lifetime partnership built on quality
FRIGOTHERM’s after sales service for your heat exchanger The design and the high quality standards of FRIGOTHERM heat exchangers aim to keep maintenance work to a minimum, provided that the conditions of use the heat exchanger has been designed for are adhered to.  However, during service life, the gaskets of a heat exchanger are subject to a normal fatigue process.  Depending on the conditions of use, the plate pack can be tightened several times until the lower limit “PP-min.” is reached, at which time gaskets need replacement.  Normally, maintenance and servicing can be carried out by adequately trained personnel of the operator.  If you need help, contact our local service technicians or service partners who will provide the services as follows: Cleaning service:  CIP (Cleaning in Place) or mechanical cleaning or chemical cleaning (immersion bath) at the factory. On request, complete CIP systems (including the required cleaning chemicals) can be provided by FRIGOTHERM. Replacing gaskets:  this always includes cleaning of plates; crack test is optional. Spare parts service:  supply of original parts throughout the world. Overhaul of complete unit. Future supplementary performance optimisation:  extension of plate pack / change in plate configuration.
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